Friday 26 July 2013

5 things on Friday

- I'm not super-mum. In fact, while I'm enjoying this quality time spent with Sophie, I'm aware that I'm falling over in many other areas, mostly little things, but they all add up to a bigger picture

- each morning I get up with the intention of doing "something", and each day I sit on the couch, snuggling with my girl. I'm going to start small, putting photos on a USB for printing for my long-neglected project life album

- food in lunch boxes is starting to annoy me. I'm sick of baking things the kids devoured last week, only to discover that this week they don't like it! I need a pile of recipes that I know they like and can be rotated regularly.

- and it's time that I started teaching Douglas to cook. We tried a couple of weeks ago, and he did a good job, but he was a bit bored. This weekend I might try a different angle, give him a cake mix and let him follow the instructions without my help.

- today's gratuitous photo ~ 4 weeks old ~



  1. beautiful pic - enjoy snuggling on the sofa - that is your "super mum" job right now ; )

  2. To hell with the little things. Sophie is only going to be snuggle size for so long. Soak it all up. Good luck with junior master chef ;) xx

  3. Such a lovely snapshot and image of Sophie having care and attention all day long. In the years to come, I suspect her relationship with you will still be more,important than the baking or the housework :).

  4. You need to make the most of Sophie Snuggle Time!
    Hope your plan to train up an assistant cook works!

  5. Oh, Sophie is so beautiful, and LOTS of lovely hair! You should enjoy snuggles as they disappear oh so quick!


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