Saturday 20 July 2013

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I've changed the way I read so much in the last couple of months. Now I can be found sitting on the couch, with a baby on one arm and the iPad leaning close to the other arm. I open links in safari, read them, think "wow, that's so cool" and leave them sitting open to write link-sharing posts such as this. But actually sitting at the computer is hard, so I don't keep the posts open, and I haven't figured out how to bookmark (or Pocket) in safari, so I lose them. But these are good links.

Do You Blog for Intrinsic Reasons, or Extrinsic Ones?  |  CraftyPod

The internet IS real life  |  Nextness

3 ways to be original  |  Betty Means Business

A traveler's perspective on being present  |  FIMBY


  1. The extrinsic/intrinsic blogger motivation article was a good one Cate. I fall into the intrinsic category and I related to her story writing and photography points a great deal.

    I am not sure if you have noticed it, but amongst some very good Aussie bloggers there has come an overbearing advertorial attitude(in my opinion) and I'm finding it really off putting. We are assaulted with the 'need to buy' and 'have' and 'keep up' from so many quarters these days that they have really turned me off, I feel bombarded! But like all things, I have the power to turn off or not read - at least online there is something to appeal to everyone, somewhere out there!

  2. I began blogging because I wanted to be able to write and share th fun things I was doing with scrapbooking. This led me to begin writing quite openly about my mental health issues and other issues I felt passionately about. I joined in with other bloggers to improve my blog via Shimelle Laine and have done a number of classes to improve my blog appearance. I don't feel I want loads of recognition because that's not really why I blog. I would love to be able to share m creativitiy with more people but that's it. For me blogging has enabled me to write more, to share more and ultimately to meet some wonderful people who are now my friends. I have made friends internationally now and this makes me happy. That is all the recognition I need, that my friends believe what I am writing is ok,
    Jo x

  3. Very useful and thought-provoking links you've left for us today. I'm never very sure about the extrinsic versus intrinsic debate, but not because of the subject matter, just because I have a bit of an aversion to anything posed as 'either/or'! Juggling with a baby and the iPad looks a little tricky - I don't know if I would have enough fingers! If it's any help with the bookmarking in Safari when on the ipad, look at the top grey bar just to the left of the white space into which you type address, and you'll see a curved arrow. Tap it, and a menu will drop down with nine icons on it. Tap the one in the middle of the bottom row called Bookmark and you'll get a little Add Bookmark window. You can change the name of the bookmark it suggests by backspacing and retyping, and then tap the blue button Save. To open your saved bookmark, tap the symbol of the open book in that top grey row next but one to the curved arrow. Hope this helps.

  4. Glad you've found a way to juggle both!
    Alison xx


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