Wednesday 28 August 2013

dear sophie

Dear Sophie

today, you are two months old

another last first

I'm sure by the time you're grown up, I'll have my head wrapped around that fact!

I'd forgotten how hard it was to take photos of a baby's face - you were so busy watching the rest of the world around you, I snapped whenever I could!

Dad calls you "Little Bo Peep" - every time he puts you down when he thinks you're asleep, you wake up, and peep at the world over the edge of your blanket.

You're starting to spend bigger chunks of time awake. That isn't necessarily a good thing, but we're still grateful you sleep through the night in bigger chunks.

You've reserved most of your smiles for dad, although I've almost seen one from you.

Riley annoys you with his constant kissing, but you happily tolerate and slobber on him

Nat's not quite as annoying - she has started reading books to you, and chatting with you when mum isn't in the room.

And with dad away, Douglas chats to you in the evenings while mum cooks dinner - he spent a good twenty minutes with you today, talking to you quietly, cleaning you up when you spit up, covering you with the blanket when he thought you were cold.

You're a good little traveler, happy to sleep or watch the world go by, something Nat and Riley were never good at.

You've brightened our world, when we thought we didn't need it. I'm so looking forward to seeing what the next months and years with you hold.


  1. Happy two months, Sophie! That went fast x

  2. This is a touching and lovely letter to a special little person.. She looks wide awake! Glad her siblings are helping to take care of her too.

  3. LOVE the next to last sentence!


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