Monday 26 August 2013

hello monday

hello, postman, it's been a while between visits

hello, new job, Steve starts tomorrow

hello, new normal, he's away from home 6 days a week

hello, crafting, the sewing machine is waiting for me

hello, sick boy, coughs and a yucky tummy make him feel miserable

hello Monday, I think I'm liking you again


  1. Hi Cate! Sounds better this week. Yahoo about the job! Boo about the distance. Hope your sin is better. My spouse started her last senester @ college this morning. Hello Monday

  2. Lovely to hear that Steve now has work, although I can hear that's going to have consequences for you - hoping you can stay buoyant. Parcels, especially the crafty sort, are always nice to receive. Hoping your son is on the mend now, and that the week keeps being good :).

  3. Good news about the job, not so great about the time away from home. But it sounds like you have everything as under control as you can. Sorry to hear about the poorly kids but hope that everyone is soon 100% again. Looking forward to seeing what you and that sewing machine get up to!


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