Tuesday 24 September 2013

#30lists | day twenty four

  • pack a bag with towels, water and snacks
  • throw all children in the car, most without shoes
  • fill car with petrol
  • drive in the other direction to the beach
  • watch the kids jump waves while feeding the babe
  • take some photos of wave jumping
  • lay the sleeping babe down, and watch some more
  • once the kids are thoroughly drenched, stop worrying about them getting wet
  • once home, showered and dried, snuggle on the couch with sleeping-again babe
  • wave husband off to another work week
  • enjoy pottering in the kitchen and chatting to brother's girlfriend
  • feed children marshmallows
  • send them all to bed at 8pm without any arguments about "going to bed early"
  • make hot chocolate, write blog posts, snuggle in bed with babe

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