Saturday 23 November 2013

blog your heart | novemeber edition

I thought this was a cool idea from Stephanie Howell

1 - it's hard work, being the only parent present. I've been a single parent, but that was to one child, not four. And as terrible as it sounds, when Steve comes home, he disrupts what little routine we have. Hopefully, the company can find someone to do his run soon, they've got a better run available that would mean Steve could be home two nights each week, and every weekend.

2 - my sister desperately wants a baby. But because of a medical quirk from childhood, she can't get pregnant naturally. I am forever grateful to her, because Natalie has the same medical quirk that we can get fixed, and hopefully she won't have the same problems as my sister.

3 - I love facebook's ability to bring people together, but I'm seriously reconsidering the vague connections I've made. I remember the innocent days of being able to vent frustrations, but now that's impossible because everyone is connected.

4 - I've given up the idea of ever creating at craft group. I drag my gear each week, but end up holding Sophie instead. Last week, she fell asleep twenty minutes before the end, by which time I'd packed everything up!

5 - I'm not ready for Christmas. I don't even have a Christmas binder this year. And I'm not feeling stressed. Yet.


  1. I do hope Steve will get that better run soon so he can be more involved! I've started getting ready for Christmas a little - finished a few handmade gifts yesterday & have made all my Christmas cards (for the first time in many many years).

  2. I hope Steve can get a better run soon.

    And I hear you on the facebook issue! Completely understand that one!

  3. Your honesty is heart warming and validating for all those of us who want to shout "Yes!" I really understand 4 and 5! Hoping that the job situation changes soon - that must be a real tug, between wanting to welcome him home and yet not liking some of the consequences of his being there. Thinking of you ...


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