Tuesday 19 November 2013

douglas | today, you are twelve

we had cake and presents a day early so dad could be here
It's been a tough year, for you and for me

but you've made it to twelve

despite our struggles, I'm proud of you

you look after Sophie when I need to cook

you help with household chores

you even enjoy reading books now

your grades are slowly picking up

and you're a great friend and big brother

The next year is going to be a great adventure for you

getting ready to finish primary school and head to high school

Happy Birthday, Douglas!


  1. Happy birthday to Douglas too - he sounds a very fine young man :). And he can only grow even finer with such love and pride behind him.

  2. Twelve's a tough age for a boy to be, halfway between being a child and a young man. But it sounds like, with your guidance, he's doing just fine! Happy Birthday to him!


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