Thursday 14 November 2013


Do you take part in Secret Santa (Kris Kringle) swaps? I used to host one every year at ScrapTherapy, and with my September babies and mums group, too. They are the best fun! I also took part in the first FMS Gift Exchange in 2011.

This year the FMS Gift Exchange is open world wide (sign ups have already closed, though) Everyone has been assigned their recipient, and questions are being asked madly in the facebook group to try and glean every little bit of information from people.

But all the questions have made me think about how to choose the best gift, for anybody.

Do you buy only the items that relate to their wishes?

Or do you interpret those wishes with your own spin?

If someone says "I'll be happy with anything" do you put in the same level of effort as you would for someone who gave you specific details?

Do you stick to the budget, or blow it filling a box with bits and pieces?

Do you put your personal beliefs on hold, or do they guide your decision making?

See how my mind wanders in the middle of the night? I've got all the information I'm looking for about my recipient - and I've discovered that they have similar interests to me, so I'm going to start by figuring out the sorts of things I'd like, and work from there. My goal is to have this parcel in the mail by December first, along with my Christmas cards.

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