Friday 28 February 2014

dear sophie

Today, you are 8 months old

You've cut two teeth, the bottom front two

and this month we've had nits, and oral thrush, too

You're crawling

and pulling yourself up on everything

You've loved every food you've tried this month

porridge for breakfast, and sandwiches for lunch, and meatballs for dinner

you wear it all (and occasionally eat some, too!)

You're getting very vocal, especially around other bubbas

you haven't quite figured out who that is in the mirror

but you recognise mum's phone, and yourself in the camera

you follow the kids up the hallway

and search for mum in the craft room

and have the biggest smiles for dad when he gets home

You are growing so quickly,

and you are so very loved.


  1. Dear Sophie,
    We would love for you to come play with us again one day soon!
    Love Stephanie & Hannah xo

  2. Just noticed what she's holding! She's growing up so fast, what happen happened to that little baby? What a little character she is growing into.


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