Saturday 1 March 2014

ASWC | modern blocks QAL

It's my turn to host the #modernQAL this month. I chose the BINARY block by Angela Pingel.

I never did figure out if there was a "correct" way to assemble a quilt block, I just did it the way I have every other time - cut all the fabric out over a four day period, lay it out to make sure all the bits are there, then photograph! This was vital for me, to make sure I had all the bits in the right place (and that I had cut enough fabric)

I started with the pieced rows, just sewing together pairs of pieces, and building up until all the pieces were together, then I ironed them out, and sewed the outer strips together. I must have done something right, because the end result looks really good to me!

I've also come to realise I'm not a precise enough sewer for quilt blocks like this - those bottom two pieces are way off! But I am inspired to catch up on the rest of the blocks, hopefully in time to wrap up at the same time as everyone else in May.



  1. Your seams look like they are not accurate. May be the reason they are out.

  2. I try so hard to keep everything sewn exactly the same and it NEVER all ends up the same size as the block next to it! But hey, sewing is about doing something that relaxes you and makes you happy. Part of the beauty of handmade things is the slight imperfections. So don't worry about it, it looks lovely and you enjoyed making it and that is what is important!

  3. Looks good - a little trimming and the bottom will be perfectly even! :>)

  4. I agree... it's about having fun making it and learning as you go. After trimming mine, if they are too small, I'll just add some border sash to adjust the size!
    Your block is cute with the polka dots and colors!


  5. Could you list the block sizes?


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