Tuesday 22 April 2014

saturday adventure

We've lived in our house for almost seven years. It's conveniently located around the block from the kids' school, down the road from a major supermarket, and in the middle of two main roads in and out of town. We're also fifteen minutes from the beach.

For most of that seven years, we've had young babies and struggled to keep our heads above water..

But we've both reached a point where enough is enough.

No more excuses.

It doesn't cost lots of money to head to the beach.

It doesn't cost lots of time to whip up a quiche and have breakfast at the park.

But it does cost us our excuses.

It costs a little bit of planning and thoughtfulness.

{and sometimes it costs us a tired baby}

Every Saturday, we're planning to do something - a trip to the park, a visit to the markets, a swim at the lagoon, something that doesn't cost lots of money, and gets us out of the house for an hour or two.

You can follow along on instagram, and use the hashtag #saturdayadventure if you'd like to play along

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  1. We try and do this on a Sunday. It makes for a happy family :)

  2. A fabulous idea, just brilliant!

  3. I love your post. We have a family friday movie night each week, where we watch a DVD together and eat home-made popcorn and a homemade version of a takeaway type food, lots of fun. We as also family get out into nature every Saturday, we explore national parks, waterfalls, bush walks, beaches, rivers, mountains. It is the most incredible day of my week and the kids are so motivating! The times you think, oh maybe we should just skip it, I'm a bit tired but they are raring to go inspire you no end.
    Wonderful post.
    Bek X.

  4. Good on you Cate! The best memories from my childhood were all free activities! :)

  5. I've been seeing your beach photos on the net and it keeps making me want to go to the beach more! We go to the lagoon for mums group every now and then its great.

  6. Same here Cate, we live too close to the beach, not to use it. We're off there this afternoon for the last day of the school holidays.

  7. We haven't been doing many fun things on a Saturday for a while now but our excuses are getting housework done or swimming lessons for my daughter. When my husband has an RDO we try and make the effort to do something different for the day. It's good exploring your local neighborhood.

  8. Great idea Cate, I'm trying to do something like this each week too, just to get the kids outdoors more because it's so much easier NOT to.

  9. Love this idea. I've set myself the goal of not spending any money on school holiday activities, but just being organised and thinking a little bit about it instead. And it's been great. We've had a lot of fun, and no one has been bored. Plus, no spending unnecessary money :)

  10. I think Saturday (or Sunday) adventures are so important, even more so in winter when the only thing you feel like doing is staying indoors. Great inspiration x

  11. I'll take the challenge! Sunday is usually our adventure day here as the girls have netball at stupid o'clock of a Saturday and it takes up half the day, but Sunday morning is usually church followed by a picnic at one of our fave parks or a train trip to Chinatown. Money is really tight here at the mo too, but I swear my girls enjoy picnicking more than just about any other weekend activity and it's free!

  12. That looks like a great plan ... And I so envy you that nearby beach :).

  13. Awesome idea! We too do the same thing each Sunday.. Saturday is our 'home' day but Sunday is all about getting out and about and adventuring.. Otherwise I find the kids get stuck in a rut in front of their screens and Hubby and I never quite tear ourselves away from the housework or the renovating, so I like making us do something.. Its great to explore the area around you too! Enjoy :)

  14. I try to do as much of this as I can, then get stuck with indecision. I've seriously contemplated having a jar to pull out an activity and/or location then I 'have' to go do that. But it's so nice when you do do it. I've started keeping bbq/picnic stuff in my tiny boot so we can do it easier.

  15. You're right, it doesn't cost much to do something simple. I need to make a bit more of an effort to get my boys out of the house (and away from the xBox) so I might just join you in your Instagram fun.


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