Monday 28 April 2014

dear sophie | ten months old

Dear Sophie

Today, you are ten months old

{it's raining and dark, so I haven't done your photoshoot yet}

you cut another tooth this month, bringing the total to four

We've had dad home most of the month, throwing our routines out the window

but you've slept well at night, even if day sleeps have been hit and miss

you crawl quickly, and we often remark "she wasn't there a second ago"

you devour porridge every morning, and yell if dad doesn't share his tea

you bravely dipped your feet in the ocean (while dad held you)

but you didn't like the wet sand

you explore when we visit new places

and love our baby friends at playgroup (but you're a hair-puller)

you are growing so quickly

and you are so very loved


  1. Where have those ten months gone? She sounds quite a little character. I love how you have recorded these little details of her first year.

  2. I really enjoy reading about her progress :). These little details will thrill her when she is older ... And must be great to be getting better sleep now!


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