Thursday 1 May 2014

goals for may

If you've been reading here for more than a while, you'll know that I'm not very good with goals and following through and accountability. It's not because I don't have the commitment, I do when it's something I'm passionate about. But if the passion isn't there, it falls by the wayside, forgotten to all except the guilt-voice in my head.

But I still like to push myself and have goals in mind for utilising my time effectively.

And I am always passionate about my blog.

So, when a fellow One Little Word student shared her goal to blog every day in May, I read the post with great enthusiasm.

And then I read about the Modern Mummy Mayhem 1hr a Day Challenge. And I thought, sure, I can fit that in and spend some focused time on me.

Then Jos shared a link to a different set of blogging prompts for the blog a day in May challenge, from the lovely Clairey Hewitt. And I read that post, nodding my head.

And if that wasn't enough to dream about, I saw the list for photo-a-day from Fat Mum Slim, and, well, I mentally added it to my list, too.

So what are my goals for May?

  1. to blog every {other} day in May. Because, realistically, blogging every day is hard work. But if I manage to write a blog post every day, that's ok, too.
  2. to take 30min for me every day. I'm actually pretty good at making time for myself, but I like this challenge because it includes ideas that are more than let's-browse-pinterest-for-ten-minutes.
  3. keep going with my triangle quilt for Sophie
  4. to keep taking photos every day. If that involves that photo-a-day prompts, that's ok, but taking photos (and inserting them into the collect app) keeps the memories preserved.
  5. drink tea from the cup in the photo. It was gifted to me by Ros from Sew Delicious, and was on my birthday wish list, but because it's hidden away in my craft room, I forget to use it.
What goals will you be setting for May?


  1. Nice one! Some lovely goals there. All the best x

  2. Great goals! I love your picture and love that you are realistic, I probably set myself too many goals but I can't help myself! Loving that this challenge is introducing me to new blogs and new challenges! Good luck for the May challenge!x

  3. You have been busy reading, Cate! You've got some great goals here. Hope you're loving OLW too Xx Sunday

  4. Some very good, and achievable, goals here. I love that collect app, it really is a great memory board isn't it?

  5. Hoping you have had some tea in that beautiful cup ... I love the surface it is sitting on too :). Wishing you every success with the blogging in May - I just know I'd never be able to keep it up!

  6. Sounds like a great goal list Cate. Like the sound of that triangle quilt.


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