Friday 2 May 2014

what's in the cup?

I finally used the cup!!

I'm a tea drinker from way back in childhood. Learning to make cups of tea for my English father from a young age means I've always been exposed to the vagaries of tea drinkers.

Grandad liked only half a teaspoon of milk in his cup.

And Grandma liked hers weak, don't leave the tea bag in too long!

I did drink coffee for a while, maybe four or five years when Chloe was little, but I quickly came back to tea after marrying an Englishman and suffering heartburn from coffee.

And now I'm particular about my tea - fill the cup, and only a small drop of milk, no sugar thanks.

But I can't drink anywhere near as many cups of tea as Steve does!

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  1. Hooray! A cuppa would go down nicely here, it is freezing and raining!

  2. Oh I am in love with your cup, it's gorgeous!

  3. I am finding lots of tea drinkers today....

  4. What a beautiful cup! Definitely tea for me too xx

  5. You did! Splendid! I didn't know about the English connection :).


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