Tuesday 13 May 2014

International Blog Swap - Claire from Ninjakillercat

My name is Claire and I blog over at Ninjakillercat I work in a school as a teaching assistant , in my spare time amongst other hobbies, I love walking in the countryside and taking way to many I do love the sea but I don't get to the seaside very often.

 For me my favourite places and spaces are the woods and countryside.

 I feel without sounding twee that I have an affinity with the countryside and woods.

Even though you see the same views over and over again for me they change every time because of the light, the season , my mood whom I am with etc The other morning for example I just took myself off to have breakfast in a field around the corner , I love my life to be impromptu!

Textures are all around us:

I am very lucky where I live to to have such stunning and beautiful rolling countryside, fields of green are but a breath away from me. I live in a village near Derby and I am flanked by the countryside you see, if you place me in the city I don't enjoy it I feel like I can't breath.

Countryside it is where I need to be!


  1. Such wonderfully textured photos and I am inspired by your impromtu breakfast idea :).

  2. Stunning photographs! I'm a beach girl but I do love a scenic drive through the country.


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