Saturday, 31 May 2014

twenty years in Queensland {guest post}

Today marks twenty years since my family and I arrived in Queensland. It also marks the start of Queensland Week celebrations this year. I thought a week of guest posts about people living in Queensland (and one far, far from home) was a good way to celebrate.

To kick it off, here's part my story, as told by my mum.

photo from my sister's balcony
Have you ever made a decision that you thought was the best one for you and your family, put it into action, found that it totally destroyed your life as you knew it but in the long run was probably the best thing that could have happened to you?

In late July 1993, a one week family (well most of the family) holiday from Victoria lasted 3 weeks. It started as a 2 day road trip to a favourite northern holiday location but that place had changed so much that, after one night, it was back in the car and driving further north.

Next stop on the road, half a day further on, was a small but very ‘touristy’ village. After a one night stay, the next day saw a drive further north. The intended destination was at least another day or two away.

An early start and 8 hours drive and we’d earned a short detour to a place we’d heard of but never been to. The error (or was it a fortunate decision) to ask for information from the people who should know the area culminated in booking scuba dive lessons on the Great Barrier Reef in the Whitsundays.

Absolutely magical.

We not only learnt to breath underwater, but seeing the amazing sights of the Great Barrier Reef changed what was important in our lives.

That clinched it Going back to our mundane jobs, although at our own ridiculously successful business, just wasn’t enough.

He couldn’t do it

She said ok.

The rest is history

4 months later and 2 flying trips to the Whitsundays saw the decision put into action.

Bought the property, started the process of changing the business structure, spent our first Christmas holiday as a family in beautiful Queensland, and planned when the final move would take place.

June 1st 1994 was the first day of this lifestyle.

And we still haven't made it to the final destination on that fateful holiday.

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