Friday 15 August 2014

5 ways to style a maxi skirt

I'm not a fashion blogger by any stretch of the imagination. My idea of dressing up these days is a new tshirt and let's not discuss how much angst was caused by the dress I wore to my sister's wedding!

So it was pretty random when I decided to by a maxi skirt before we headed away. I wore it (instead of scrunching it in a ball in the bottom of my bag), and I think I'm converted! I absolutely loved the feel of it! (And it's long enough that I didn't have to shave before wearing!)

But once we were home, I realised I didn't know what to wear with it. So I headed to Birds Nest for some inspiration.

Dark Rose
I love the pattern of this skirt, with small pops of colour.
Timeless Love Letter
This is totally my style (twenty years ago)
Red Bird
The skirt I bought is a black knit, so this simple, elegant styling is perfect.
Jingle Bells
A simple top with a bold colour skirt is perfect for entertaining on Christmas Day (only 132 sleeps!)
Flags and Stripes
 A  maxi dress isn't far removed from a maxi skirt, this styling looks nice and casual for summer days.

I have lots of ideas for my next shopping trip!


  1. I love love love maxi skirts! They hide my white pasty legs and like you said, it doesn't matter if I 'forget' to shave.

  2. I could live in maxi dresses and skirts. Especially when preggers

  3. Love maxis, sooo comfortable. I prefer the skirts since most of the dresses are sleeveless and that is not a good look on this 55 year old overweight woman.

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