Wednesday 20 August 2014

time to trust our husbands

As I read yet another post this morning from a mum getting ready to head off to the ProBlogger Event next week, it occured to me that many of us don't trust our husbands.

Oh, I don't mean that we think he's going to step out on us, I mean we don't trust him with the kids.

We stress ourselves out, writing out recipes, shopping, pre-cooking meals, organising play dates and school runs. Why?

Sure, he doesn't know the after-school-homework-chores routine. And he isn't the best cook in the world (or maybe that's just my husband), but why are we taking his autonomy away?

So the kids might eat frozen pizza for a day or two, or not get the after-school-chores finished. So what?

We have to let our husbands make the juggle, so they can feel good that they made it through the weekend without us.

Yep, we're at home with the kids, and if he can't get time off work we can help by organising after school pick ups, but the kids won't die if they wear the same clothes 3 days in a row (in fact, they might think it's pretty cool to have a special secret from their time with dad)

And if he has to drag them all out to the supermarket, he'll understand why we don't venture out very often.

But don't take away his ability to look after the kids by micromanaging. They're his kids too, and they'll jump all over you when you get home. Enjoy the conference.


  1. As you know, I'm about to leave hubby with 2 of the kids for 2 weeks. Everyone keeps offering him help while I'm away. He'll be working school hours so I'm not sure why exactly he needs help. I sure as hell don't get any.

    But I have been buying extra groceries in our weekly shops, partly to help him out a bit and partly to help myself for when we get home with baby.

    When I mentioned to a few friends that I was doing some big batch cooking they thought it was for when I was away so that B didn't have to cook. Hell no! It's for when I get home after the baby is born. He will get home at 2pm and pick the kids up at 2:10. There is plenty of time for him to cook dinner and do the afternoon routine.

    Sure, I'm a bit worried about the kids only eating pizza and sausages and mash potato as they are the only two things he can really cook. But I trust him enough to know that he will not resort to just feeding them that.

    Plus the kids know enough about their routines to be able to lead him in the right direction if he gets lost.

  2. Yes! and let the kids enjoy the slight change of routine - who knows what good things you may be able to taake from it!!!

  3. Totally agree with you Cate! It's great bonding time for dads and kids. My girlfriends and I used to go away for crafting weekends every 6 months and the dads and kids all survived. Appreciated us a bit more after too which was a bonus!

  4. Hell yes. My husband is a grown adult capable of running a household and keeping the kids alive for a few days. Remarkable.

  5. Yep - he'll make mistakes but then I was a total mess when I first started being a parent! It's just that I've clocked up a whole lot more hours than him solo-parenting because I took both lots of maternity leave and I work part time. If he's not allowed to learn he never will.

  6. I love this post! Totally agree. I wouldn't dream of pre-preparing meals for my husband if I were going away! He can fry eggs, and make noodles! And it would be good for him to work out to do that with smalls having off you!


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