Friday 1 August 2014

things I'd tell my daughter

dear chloe

oh, man, did I cry when I saw you at the wedding

I started crying the second Douglas yelled across the ar park that you were here

someone had said to me earlier in the day "I don't think I'd recognise her"

but they were quickly proven wrong

because you still look like Choe, but somehow, more

your voice has changed, your words are more thoughtful

{I'm sure there's still a moody teen somewhere in there}

but how my heart burst with pride!

and everyone was just as excited to see you as I was

you were gracious, and polite, and I saw a small bounce of excitement when you saw Sophie

{maybe you want to FaceTime with all the kids occasionally? and me?}

and we talked. you, Steve and I.

We talked about the paths we've all walked over the last two years

and we brought our paths closer together again

I'm not claiming it's fixed, but we're speaking

baby steps are the start


  1. So happy that you guys got an opportunity to reconnect :)

  2. She looks a lot like you. So great that you had some time to spend with each other at such a happy occasion x

  3. She is becoming a woman! I am so happy that you and the children were able to see her and that she met Sophie. I hope it does open the door to being connected.

  4. Wow - she is such a beautiful young lady! So glad y'all had this time together and took a step forward! Praying that one step leads to many more!

  5. Just catching up, and what a joy to read this post...I am SO pleased that paths are being brought closer again!!
    Alison xx


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