Thursday 9 October 2014

editorial calendars and why you need one

An editorial calendar is just a calendar filled with your editorial content. It's as simple as using a pen and paper, or can be done electronically using google calendar, or wordpress even has a plug in so you put it straight into your blog.

I've long been a fan of editorial calendars, setting mine up in 2010, good old paper and pen for me!

So why should you use an editorial calendar? {and I confess, until this month, I haven't used mine for a couple of years}
  • keeps all your ideas in one place. And as you think of something new, you just write it down.
  • to help in the blah moments when you can't be bothered. Knowing what you're going to write about is half the battle of getting started.
  • to help plan around life moments. I'm heading off on a camping adventure with the family next week, but I already know what posts need to be written before I go.
  • just to keep yourself on track. I've shuffled content around this month so many times I've written my calendar out again and again, but I'm still on track with all bases covered.
Here's a great post from Campfire Chic about how she uses her editorial calendar {I fill mine out the same way when I don't have a month full of content}

Do you have an editorial calendar?



  1. No, but I really need one though. I'm literally just treading water until my eldest starts school next years and the youngest starts two days of preschool. At the moment it all feels very haphazard and I post when I can, but I am really looking forward to having more structure - and more time for planning, writing etc. Bliss.

  2. I just got Trent to print me off a calendar template that has a month to a page so I can write down what blog posts I have planned for each day. I have so many coming up in the next two months I don't want to accidentally forget one and this way I can see it quickly and visually which is better for me. Until now I've just been remembering it all in my head!


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