Wednesday 8 October 2014

the most important page on your blog

It goes without saying that your posts are important. The words your write are important. But, when people stumble across your blog from a facebook link, or someone linking to you, once they've read your post, fallen in love with it, they want to know more.

If you drill down in your google anaylitics stats, you'll see that the number one visited page on your blog is your about page. Because once people fall in love with your writing, they want to find out more about you!

So your about page needs to have all the info, in bite size chunks, and photos too!

You can use your about page to tell some of your background story; your kids if you write about them; your name if you use it; and it's totally ok to touch on things that aren't a big part of your blog-life (I mention I'm a scout leader, but I don't write much about scouting here)

Having an email address on the page is also handy, and if you want to work with brands and businesses, then your location is important (more info about this to come.)



  1. I had no idea that the "about" page was the most visited - went over and took a look at my own and I see that it really needs some sprucing up! Thanks for another great post, Cate.

  2. I didn't know that either. And to think - that's the page I've given the least attention to!


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