Wednesday 15 October 2014

how to comment and be noticed

Comments are like blogging gold these days, everybody wants them, but not many people leave them. So when you do leave a comment, you really want it to be noticed by the blogger, and for them to comment back. Here are some tips to be help you be noticed.
  • don't just say "great post", leave a thoughtful comment that relates to how the post makes you feel, or what it reminds you of.
  • on a recipe post, don't just say "I'm going to make this", go back and tell the blogger about your experience with the recipe after you've made it.
  • make sure the blogger can reply to you via email. Most commenting systems send emails to tell the blogger of a new post. If you have a blogger account, you need to make sure your email address is visible. I'm talking to you Hugzilla. Here is a link for changing it in blogger. Here is a link for changing it in Google+.
  • don't leave your blog URL in the comment. It is considered spammy, and you've already put your URL in when you filled out those boxes that ask for name/email/URL.
  • if you're overwhelmed by all the blogs, pick five this month to start commenting on, then move on to a different five next month. You'll soon figure out which blogs you enjoy reading (and therefore commenting on), and which you don't.
What commenting tips can you add?



  1. All great tips, Cate! I'm glad that you included the one about having your email attached to your profile link! When a comment is significant (i.e. - not just "great post") I like to reply to the email when possible. It's always frustrating when there's no email address attached to the comment. I would also add that if the blogger has found it necessary to turn on the word verification feature, please be polite and don't complain about it in the comments! My blog got hit with by a spammer and I was receiving a TON of spam comments so I had to turn mine on, even though my preference would have been to leave it off. Do you have that problem? Any suggestions for ways to avoid having to have the word verification activated?

  2. Bahahhahahhahhaha! Whoops! I'm in Wordpress, so I'm gonna head right on over to my profile to see if I can work it all out. See how much I learn from this series? Stuff I didn't even know I needed to know.

  3. This has been a great collection of posts, Cate. Like the other Deb, I don't like word verification, although I find the number verification easier to deal with rather than the wavy random letters that used to be there!
    I like the idea of choosing new blogs to visit and comment upon. I find some of those I follow from way back when just don't update their blogs much any more, maybe I need to do some blog-swapping and try some that other people follow to discover new ones!

  4. I would also add if you are on Blogger to add the Name/URL option onto the blogger comment system. There are many blogger blogs I can't comment on as they choose other categories to identify their commenters. Many bloggers also use CommentLuv which is a nice way of showing off a readers latest post if they blog.

  5. Great list of tips Cate. I would add that when someone new visits your blog, maybe with a blog hop or some other link up, be sure to pop over to their blog & thank them with a comment.

  6. I use CommentLuv which makes my life easier when I want to go back to a blogger's site to return the favour. I think I must comment on at least ten different blogs everyday. Of course I have my favourites which I never miss. I have enjoyed all these posts Cate.

  7. You are doing a fabulous job on these blogging posts. Very imformative xx


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