Thursday 16 October 2014

what is a link up?

A link up is hosted by a blogger who invites other bloggers to link up their posts to the host's post. They can be themed, like Kylie Purtell's new reading link up, or open ended, like Essentially Jess' IBOT. A tool like InLinkz* is used, where you input your blog post permalink, name and email, which then shows up on the list.

I had never heard of a blog carnival until earlier this year when I hosted the Digital Parents blog carnival. A blog carnival is an aggregate of blog posts submitted by members and compiled into a post by the host.

A blog hop moves traffic from one blog to the next. All posts are usually on a theme (you can see here the theme is from a class where everybody shared their work from the previous month.) Links to all other blogs taking part are usually posted at the bottom of each post, and the posts are all published at the same time. Here's another example that doesn't have all the other participant's posts at the end.

A blog crawl is something I've seen pop up in the last year or so - the idea is the same as a blog hop, everyone posts on the same topic, but posts get published day after day, therefore crawling around the web. Sarah Von Bargen had an excellent series recently about how blog crawls can help if you have a product to sell, and tips for keeping organised and on track.

What's your favourite link up to participate in? Have you ever taken part in a blog hop?

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  1. I've joined in link ups before and have been in a blog hop which had a great response. I've seen quite a lot of blog crawls lately too.

  2. I always do the Laugh Link on Mondays and I really try to have a new post for IBOT with Essentially Jess very week. I don't participate in too many, because I think the etiquette of visiting other blogs and interacting with them is really important. I won't do a link up if I know I don't have time to get around to everyone's posts, and IBOT is usually over 60 posts a week. The only posts I don't visit are the recipe ones, mainly because I have nothing meaningful to contribute (!) but I will look at all the others. It's a big investment of time but I find it really rewarding. I've found some great blogs and have been able to strike up a nice rapport with many of the bloggers behind them.


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