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income streams from blogging

There are multiple ways to make money from blogging, but these are the main five
make money blogging
I have seen so many bloggers come into the facebook groups over the last year saying "I've been blogging 2 weeks, how do I make money?" The real answer is, you don't. If you've started blogging with the idea of making money, stop now. Yep, pinterest is plastered with success stories, like ByRegina, but they're the exception, not the rule. And the market in Australia is even harder to break into. Here are the five main ways to make money from blogging.

Sidebar advertising (also called blog sponsors)

Displaying a static advert in your sidebar is often the first step bloggers take towards making an income. Displaying a banner in the bottom of every blog post is also becoming popular. Anastasia Amour does this very well.

How much should you charge? After hours searching, I found a calculation over on Entrepreneurs Journey that uses the calculation X = daily visitors divided by 10. So 500 visitors a day would lead to a monthly charge of $50. (Based on that calculation, my charge rate would be around $5 a month)

Sponsored posts

A sponsored post is written in exchange for money or goods. Many bloggers will argue that it isn't a sponsored post if you only receive goods, because you can't pay your own bills in apples or oranges; my argument to them is that goods cost money to the business, and the Australian Tax Office considers the value of goods for taxation purposes, so bloggers have to be open to goods in exchange for a post being sponsored.

How much should you charge? Secret Bloggers Business and Bloggers Bazaar have both written excellent posts to help you figure out the right rate.

Ad networks

Networks like Nuffnang (in Australia)  display a widget on your blog that "serve" ads to your readers, and you receive payments periodically. For more information, check out Nuffnang here.

Ebooks and Ecourses

This is one of the best ways to create a passive income (an income that earns without much input from you) Once you've created the content, you only need to market and troubleshoot (if it's a self-paced course that people work through without your guidance). ByRegina has an excellent resource to help guide you to create a saleable product.

Freelance writing

I call this "working because of the blog", you don't actually make money on your blog, but turn your passion (and skills) for writing into writing for others (and being paid for doing something you love.)

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Do you sell sidebar adverts on your blog?



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