Wednesday 5 November 2014

50 sleeps to Christmas

50 sleeps

to Christmas.

I know.

I'm not ready.

I haven't even read my many Christmas magazines yet.

Or decided what cookies to bake.

I haven't figured out what toys to get the kids,

or what I'll send to Chloe.

And there's no budget in place, either.

But I know that when it's Christmas Eve, everything will fall into place

presents will appear under the tree

and cookies will be left out for Santa

Sweetie Nanny will have a bed to sleep in

and Chloe might even be able to come and visit, too.

50 sleeps will turn into 5 sleeps, and before you kow it, we'll be listening for sleigh bells and reindeer on the roof.

Santa is on his way!

Are you making lists yet?

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