Sunday 2 November 2014

us right now

in a silly piece of bureaucracy, he has to interview for his job again this week

his eating is all out of wack working nights, he starts his day eating a big dinner with us, and finishes it eating toast when he gets home in the morning

she loved writing about blogging for a month

she is still good at making excuses (and got called out for it on Friday)

she needs a good baking session, to fill the cupboards, and unwind

her best friends are Christopher and Eloise

her favourite subject at school is English

if she dressd up for Halloween, she'd dress up as a witch or a cat

his best friend is Jackson

his favourite subject at school is English

he dressed up as a zombie for Halloween

{he asked me to share a better photo than the scowly one I took at the same time as everyone else, so I did, complete with finger and ironing board}

her best friend is Kaete

her favourite subject at school is maths

she dressed up as a pumpkin for Halloween

his best friend is Harry

his favourite thing to do at daycare is the obstacle course

he dressed up as the red Ninja Turtle for Halloween

she has cut another tooth this month

she wore her first pair of shoes while camping

she has been having two sleeps a day for the last two weeks (I blame the tooth)


  1. How lovely to hear about the whole family! This is a great catch up post.

  2. I love these posts, Cate. And what a lovely surprise to see your beautiful Chloe in the mix this month! Natalie always makes me smile. :o)


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