Saturday 15 November 2014

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How can we all stop feeling so unsettled?  |  Heartfelt Living by Maxabella Loves  |  I haven't made it through my feedly list this week, so I hadn't read this until I saw it linked from another blog, but I saw Bron's original post on facebook, and I totally get what she means. There's been something in the air lately, and it's made me pull my head way back into my shell and reassess.

Why your blog doesn't stand a chance in hell of succeeding (and what to do about it)  | Boost Blog Traffic  |  a wise friend said to me recently "stop writing for other bloggers, start writing for your readers", and she was so right! This post just reinforced that thought, and sent my mind spiralling into a thousand new ideas

8 ways a simple notebook can change your life  |  The Week  |  Since I made the decision back in February to try bullet journalling, I have loved it. There are all sort sof scribbled notes, from books to read, to details from phone conversations. My notebook is amazing.

Project Life Lessons  |  Caylee Grey  |  [part two here] I know it seems odd that I'd share this, when you consider that I haven't printed one single photo this year, but there were so many tips here about just getting it done that I'm adding it to my to-do-before-January-1 list

Make time to play today  |  Do what you love  |  play as a grown up is on my mind lately, these tips are great reminders that it's ok to play

What have you been reading this week?


  1. I agree about the second article you mentioned. It was brilliant and changed my way of thinking. I hope I can translate its message into my scribbles.

  2. I enjoyed the article about a notebook as I'm one who makes lots of lists and writes everything down! And I've definitely been playing during my FUN year . . . and will do some more at Harry Potter World in Florida in a few days! :)


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