Monday 1 December 2014

a december to remember

If you've been around here for any length of time, you'll know I'm an excuse maker. I constantly find reasons to talk myself out of doing something. After making it through October blogging every day, I'm trying really hard to change that excuse-making behaviour, by pushing myself to take on more projects that fuel my passion.

And next to blogging, my passion is still, after all these years, capturing the memories through scrapbooking, in whatever format that takes. I've long subscribed to Stacey Julian's belief that a blog is an online scrapbook, but as I stand in the middle of my craft room, I realise that I want something a little bit more tangible, something to hold in my hands.

[Natalie randomly stumbled on my blog last week, it was amazing to listen to her giggling away, as she read through the posts I've shared about her]

So I'm taking on a December project. I decided to use the same list I created last year for And Sew We Craft's photo a day project, with a goal of taking the photos again next year to compare differences.

As I mentioned in my newsletter last month, I've got a plan for creating an album, which I'll share next month. My goal for December is to simply take the photos, share them to instagram, and make notes each day in my journal. I think that's something I can actually manage to achieve.

Are you doing a December project?


  1. That sounds very do-able - important this time of year! I am hoping to take a daily photo and write a paragraph and stick it in a book :).

  2. I think I might have taken on more than I can chew...but I'm doing a 30Lists project, as well as a December Daily! plus the usual FMS photo-a-day! I'm already having palpitations..{hehe}.

  3. Great plan to document your December. I'm posting once a day on Facebook with a photo (or photo collage) - not feeling pressured to do it everyday, but at least on the days I have Christmas events or get-togethers. Will probably decide at the end of the month if I want to print some of it out & create a little mini-album or add some pocket pages to my 2014 album.


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