Sunday 21 December 2014

blog topics to keep you writing during the holidays

With a bit of planning, even four sleeps to Christmas, it is possible to keep writing blog posts over the holidays. Here are 10 topic ideas to keep you writing
  1. it doesn't have to be about Christmas! Have you done something this year that you haven't written about?
  2. but you can share a Christmas recap if you want. Why not try something different, and share photos of all the food you ate, or where your feet have been
  3. thinking about the New Year? How do you set goals for yourself or your family? Write about your process, and share your goals, too.
  4. entertaining kids on school holidays? Tell us how you're keeping them from crying "I'm bored" every 5 minutes (please, my kids are drivining me bonkers!)
  5. how do you keep on top of things? Share your tips and tricks for keeping yourself organised, and inspire someone else (me!)
  6. got a child heading to school next year? Share your tips for a smooth transition from home to big school; or ideas to keep mornings stress-free (I know I could use those tips!)
  7. doing Project Life? Share the products you'll use next year, or some inspiration, or December spreads.
  8. itching to try something new? Pick something you've never done before, and share your research - what is it? where can you buy products from? what blogs have you discovered that write about it?
  9.  write a list of your 2014 favourite books/music/movies. Which ones are you looking forward to in 2015?
  10. share your favourite blog posts (from you, or other bloggers)
And if all else fails, and you don't write, that's ok! Your blog will still be there when you return, and so will your readers.

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  1. Great list Cate. I've been struggling to find a my blogging mojo and this post and given me some great ideas.


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