Sunday 21 December 2014

why you should keep blogging over the holidays

Sometimes, my brain takes strange leaps and follows weird paths. As I read yet another so-long-for-the-holidays-post from a blogger, it occured to me to ask google why you should keep blogging through holidays, because surely someone had written a post telling people it was a good idea?!

Google, however, let me down. I stumbled on plenty of posts from "big" bloggers saying things like "your posts deserve the best traffic you can give them" and "3 ways to schedule through the holidays" and "5 things to do instead of blog through the holidays", but they all missed one important point.

Little traffic is still traffic.
Little traffic is how you grow big traffic. When the noise of so many blogs slows, little traffic still brings people to you, allowing you to be noticed. Little traffic is still traffic.

Granted, if you've leveraged pinterest properly, and done your SEO homework, your traffic never stops completely. But as a blog reader, are you using down time to read blogs? Don't you want some new material to read? If everyone stopped writing, what would you read?

Are you taking a break over the holidays, or will you continue to write?


  1. I actually do more blogging over the holiday period as I find myself doing more interesting things and having more time to write and put posts together. And yes I have way more time to read blogs so im always looking for fresh content from others.

  2. It's the only time to comment on blogs rather than just skimming through them so I tend to blog better (if not always more) in the holidays

  3. I've continued to write and have done quite a few posts this month, although I do notice a slow down in comments. It's all a hobby for me, so I just blog when I'm inspired.


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