Monday 18 May 2015

Hello Monday

Today's prompt say hello to Monday share a recap of your weekend - any special activities, or just everyday activities?
We had a bit of a slow weekend, this week; something I think we were all in need of. Because Steve worked an extra shift last week, he had one less run this week, so he's been home since Thursday. He's spent some time sorting out some space in the shed, fixing the wiring on his new-to-us trailer, and sleeping on the armchair.

Sophie and Natalie were both sick this weekend, so the boys have spent time quietly on ipads or watching tv while the girls tried to sleep and generally feel better. And me, well, I spent a bit of time finishing off some articles, writing blog posts, watching a few movies... and before you know it, we're back around to Monday again!

Hello, random ideas. Sometimes the craziest ideas turn into something amazing, and sometimes they crash and burn. I'm not sure which way this one will go, so I'm pondering on it.

Hello, baking. There's nothing in the cupboard for lunch boxes again, because the kids keep eating it! But the things I baked the week before last they didn't like last week, and probably won't like this week, so I need some new ideas.

Hello, creative planner workshop. I've been using a bullet journal for a couple of years now, but after taking the Heidi Swapp journalling class at BPC at the start of the year, I'm interested in more information in using a planner both as a memory keeping system and a time management system. I like Christy Tomlinson's style, so I think I can get some benefit from the class (and I told Caitlin about it, so she joined, and we're going to keep each other accountable)

What are you saying hello to this week?

Tomorrow's prompt from the archives Time to brush the dust off again. Share the post you're most proud of from your archives

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  1. I will be back Monday to say Hello to Monday. Hope you have a great time baking. I love to bake. See you tomorrow enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  2. The planner workshop looks like FUN. I've always kept a paper calendar, color-coded, as away to stay organized & then to refer to when I'm scrapbooking later on, so the planner craze has been interesting to me . . . I keep wondering what everyone did before the planners!?! LOL I have read some recently about bullet journaling and am implementing some of that information to track things I'm learning, although not as a planner. Hope everyone is well at your place now & that y'all have a great week.

  3. Thank-you so much for the link to the planner class - am now signed up too :). Your feet photo is superb!


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