Sunday 28 June 2015

Dear Sophie | today you are two

Dear Sophie

two years ago, our world changed.
Definitely for the better.
You are noisy, bright, funny, loving and joyous.
You love playing with water, your newest word is "tap"
You run screaming to the stairs when dad gets home
and wait patiently for Riley to finish school.
You wake Douglas every morning for school, and help him pack his bag for the day
You love baking cakes and pouring ingredients into bowls
and drink tea with dad when he's home
You run screaming when you see Amy or Molly
and always wave bye to Caitlin.

You drink 'beer' with dad on Saturday afternoons

and supervise gardening jobs

You love jumping in the water at the beach

and slipping down the slide.

Today you are two, Sophie

and you are so very loved.


  1. She's so lovely and your words share a wonderful peek into her world right now!

  2. Happy Birthaday Sophie! Xx

  3. Happy birthday Sophie! She shares the same birthday as my girls Cate (except they turned 3). What lovely memories.


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