Thursday 4 June 2015

Time for new shoes

I've been walking five days a week now for five months. I've learnt things I never thought I would figure out. But I finally had to buy new shoes yesterday. In all honesty, I've been putting it off for a few weeks now, because those purple ones were so well worn, but I really should have done it back when my feet first started hurting while I was walking.

It sounds kind-of odd, talking about new shoes, but I think it's a pretty important milestone in this journey for me, because it proves that I've kept going. I wore holes in my shoes, because I keep putting one foot in front of the other. That's pretty big for me.

I have no idea if I've lost weight. I probably haven't, because I haven't changed my eating, losing weight was never my goal. My goal was just to move, and I think wearing holes in shoes proves that I've achieved that goal.

2015 has been an awesome year for achieving goals!

What goal have you kicked out of the park this year?



  1. Many congratulations, Cate! And hope the new ones give you as good service as the old ones and the two (three?) of you become firm friends :).


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