Wednesday 1 July 2015

Us in July

The fancy camera has a remote trigger through an iPhone app. But I need to use the tripod, not the nearest brick wall for these photos! (And maybe I should make this a weekly requirement? Everyone is good about getting individual photos, but group photos are a nightmare, hence my scowly face.)
He is enjoying the clear weather for motor bike riding to work

but is not liking the sensor issues with his car

He is finally getting rid of some unused stuff around the house

and has learnt a lot about bees in the process
She is ridiculously beside herself with nerves and excitement about ProBlogger in six and a bit weeks

but is wondering if disaster will strike before then

She is a little bit obsessed with reading the Your Inspiration at Home catalogue

and dreaming of the recipes she can concoct for her sister
He is off to scouts camp for the weekend

hopefully the attitude doesn't raise it's head while camping

He didn't have as good a report card at the end of term as the middle of term

but we'll chat to the school in the new term, and figure it out
She has been reading lots of books these holidays

old school jokes are the favourite

She is interested in helping to cook

maybe it's time to teach her
He can count to 100

but asks for help with tens (thirty, forty, etc)

He loves going to vacation care and doing activities

but is always happy to get home for a hug
She is starting to say more words, even if only a parent would understand

bap, daw, narny, douwoo, peeza (tap, straw, natty, douglas, pizza)

She loves her first dolly

but we haven't cracked out the train set yet


  1. Love seeing all your family shots Cate. Such great memories. My Miss Teen just won't co-operate with pics anymore. So jelly you are heading off to Pro Blogger. Maybe next year for me. I think you'll have a ball.

  2. Yep. Grumpy face in the group photo. But thanks for the smile in the individual one. Will be stealing some of your photos soon to update my albums.

  3. I'm actually a fan of the family shot! :o) I love these posts and as I was reading I thought about how fun it will be for your family to look back on these someday. Do you ever scrapbook these?

  4. I am another fan of these posts and, like Deb, think they'd make a fantastic monthly scrapbook page. Getting a family together for a group photo is like herding cats, isn't it! What lovely smiles you children have.

  5. I always enjoy these posts & the wonderful way your words share a peek into your lives right now. The group shot turned out nice - I definitely think that should be added to the monthly list as it's so hard to remember to get everyone together.

  6. This reminds me I need to take more photos of all 3 of us together.


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