Monday 5 October 2015

Hello Monday

hello, back to school. Last Monday, Steve got notified of a roster change, to start on Tuesday. So all our plans for the weekend got thrown out the window, [yes, we've argued about how slack the company is, leaving everything to the last minute] and the kids have behaved awfully this weekend. I'll be glad when we can get stuck back into our full routine, and have some semblance of normal again.

hello, new planner. I love my bullet journal. But sometimes you have to be open to trying new things, so I'm spending the next couple of months using the Simple Scrapper* planner, in the hopes of being a little bit better about capturing stories and staying on top of life. And it's the best time of year to try new things, Christmas is only 81 sleeps away [come on, you knew I was going to mention it, didn't you?]

hello, music. I mentioned a few weeks ago that we've set up a stereo in the lounge room, and it's been wonderful listening to music again, but I've discovered that all our most recent songs are on iTunes! So I've been spending more time at the computer, fighting over headphones with Sophie, listening to music. My current favourites are "ghost town" by Adam Lambert and "fight song" by Rachel Platten

hello, Christmas card making. It's been a couple of years since I've actually sent Christmas cards. But this year, I'm going to be organised and ready by December 1. Because I love the process of making the cards, and imagining the smiles on everyone's faces when they get them. This week, I need to come up with a simple idea I can do quickly, in bulk, without buying too much stash to complete it. 

hello, Monday, a new start every week.

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  1. Eeek, 81 sleeps? I so need to get more organised!

  2. Oh gosh, not talk of Christmas... already. Decorations have been in the shops for over a month now. I've being doing my best to avoid them. I would however like to be more organised this year and earlier than I'm use to as my eldest (Miss 17) is having major surgery at the end of November with an 8 week recovery.

  3. I think I'm going to bail on cards again this year. I always have the best of intentions but I never get there. Good on you for making the effort and following through!

  4. Please NO. I cannot talk or even think about Christmas yet. If is only October.

  5. I keep saying Im going to send Xmas cards every year. This might be the one!! Looks like you are nice and organised..

  6. There's nothing better than turning the stereo on! I love Adam Lambert's song too!

  7. Oh I want to talk about Christmas. I want to get organised.

  8. I should have turned the radio on today, it probably would have lifted my mood. I've felt off all day. I am not minding Justin Beibers latest at all.

    I am never organised for Christmas, maybe I will buy some Chrissy cards this week :)

  9. Oh yes, Christmas is coming. I've embarked on a major house re-organization . . . hoping to finish it by Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the Christmas season! :) Have FUN making the cards!


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