Thursday 1 October 2015

Us right now

We are adjusting to the new normal of dad home each night

we are looking forward to a camping trip next month (if possible)

{we forgot to take a group photo, that will happen next week when everyone is together in daylight hours again}
he is loving the challenges of the office job

but is frustrated with the job-sharing part of the job

his blood pressure has dropped significantly with the job change

and he's happy spending more time at home with the kids
she has missed walking with all the ill health over the last couple of months

but she needs new shoes again

she's still hunting cookie recipes

and making plans for 2016 already
he has really enjoyed these school holidays

{even with the occasional outburst}

today he's off for a sleepover with his best mate

{he'll enjoy not having little kids trailing after him}
she is bored by boy games and boy tv shows

but has loved playing minecraft with them each evening

she loves that dad is home each evening

and wants him to tuck her in each night
he has been counting down all holidays to a playdate with his best friend on Friday

and is already asking for presents "when he turns seven"

he was given an old bike by friends

and is much more excited about learning to ride "not on a pink bike"
{don't worry, she was drowning in sunscreen}

she added new words this week "apple" and "beach"

water is her happy place (usually on the floor or coffee table)

she loves playing downstairs with the kids, and will miss them when school starts next week


  1. I hope you get to go on that camping trip! Enjoy the school holidays

  2. Great photos & peek into your lives!

  3. hey Cate,
    Finally returning from my blogworld hiatus and loved catching up witt he family. So glad the job switch has helped with the high bp!


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