Saturday 21 November 2015

Myer Giftorium

This post brought to you in conjunction with Myer and Kids Business
It's only 34 sleeps to Christmas.

Last week, Sophie and I were lucky enough to attend the Myer Giftorium opening, and the opening of the Myer Christmas windows in Brisbane city.
I confess, the first thing I did was find the food. After last year's experience I packed  lunch box for Sophie, but I was starving. I was so excited to see such a thoughtful spread of food. Sophie licked the lemon curd cups clean, and I loved the quiche. And the paper straws to go with the drinks were just a little bit special.
Despite messing up the bus stops, we arrived early on the fourth floor. The Productician standing near us was a lovely chatty girl, excited to show us her section. She pointed out different sections, picking an item in each section to tell us a bit more about and the price point for the product. And later in the day when we were shopping with our vouchers, she offered to hold stuff so we didn't drop it.
Choosing gifts is made easier because everything is grouped together. Products For Him and For Her, the Tech Guru, Kids Cubby, Stocking fillers, Paws Corner and Food Fantastic.

There's an emphasis on gift personalisation this year, with personal Nutella jars being the most popular; there's also customised leather goods, business shirts, towels and Santa sacks.

There's a Santa village and train for the kids to ride

And a mailbox for writing letters to Santa

I was totally fascinated by the train set (Sophie couldn't see it from her pram)

Then we headed off to see the opening of the Christmas windows. Of course, Toni, who worked at Myer for years, got lost, and my sense of direction is even worse, so we actually missed the unveiling, but we did make it in time to see Santa checking it out.

The Myer Melbourne Christmas windows are celebrating 60 years this year; the Myer Brisbane Christmas windows are a replica of the Melbourne windows. This year's theme is "Little Dog and the Christmas Wish", based on the book of the same name by Corinne Fenton and Robin Cowcher.

The goodie bag we were gifted contained the Salvos Christmas bear, a big jar of personalised Nutella, and some little toys for the kids.

And we got to experience the Giftorium, being gifted a $50 voucher. It was tough, deciding which tea cups I wanted to buy!!

We enjoyed our day (despite all the wrong turns we took), and managed to make it home without getting lost.


  1. In my defence I never worked in the city store so really had no idea where I was going anyway lol.

  2. Awesome! Look forward to checking it out!

  3. i saw the windows from melbourne and they are absolutely adorable this year.


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