Friday 20 November 2015

Toddler craft | paper plate wreathes

Sophie loves playing in the craft room with me when I'm shuffling paper. She usually plays with a box full of buttons, dribbling them through her fingers in the loudest possible way. But just recently, she's shown an interest in doing whatever I'm doing (which isn't always easy.) So I've started brainstorming ideas (or browsing pinterest) and gathering supplies to give her some simple crafty things to do.

With Christmas so close (35 sleeps!) I thought paper plate wreathes would be a fun place to start. Of course, I went to the shops on 3 occasions in the last week, and forgot to actually buy the plates, so Steve grabbed some for me on his way home from work last night. Uncoated plates work best.
Sophie has always loved stickers, so I picked up some stars and dots, but they were a bit too small for her to use easily, so we moved onto the Christmas stamps.
My original plan was to stamp on the painted side, but the stamps were green, so we flipped the wreath over. Then we discovered that half the stamps were dry, so I pulled out some ink pads, and Sophie had a ball stamping.
But by far the most fun she had was brushing glue to stick coloured pasta down.
I can see lots of painting in our future days, and more fun activities leading up to Christmas.

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  1. HOW is she old enough to be crafting already?!?! These photos are so cute, Cate, and so are the wreathe and your sweet little girl.

  2. These popped up on my Pinterest wall just this week (maybe from you!) and it reminded me of what a great, simple activity it is for the kids and a nice way to get into the festive spirit. I think this might be one that I brave getting out the paints for!

  3. Oh this is awesome. Don't worry I went to use paper plates with bub the other day and realised I don't have any either {and I've forgotten to buy them ever since!}.

  4. What a gorgeous idea for the little ones Cate. I miss that age so much xx


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