Monday 2 November 2015

Us Right Now

We are adjusting to new rosters

We are looking forward to a break

We are not spending enough time together

We need to learn how to take family photos better
He loves his new job

even when things go wrong

His back is finally on the mend

but he won't be gardening any time soon
She is going to crack out the digital die cutting machine this week

7 years of ownership without ever using it is long enough

She is starting to think about 2016 goals and plans

and is even remembering to write them down
He is counting down to his birthday

17 sleeps today

He is spreading his wings with his mates

but still asks for a ride home instead of walking
She is starting to get teen emotions

and sounds just like her sister when she's cranky

She is fed up with playing with boys

and wishes Sophie was bigger
He loved his first Halloween party

and even shared his goodie bag with everyone

He often gets distracted getting ready for school

and regularly forgets to fill his drink bottle
She has become an early riser again

and loves waking the kids up in the mornings

She has become more wordy

"apple beer" and "happy to you" and "buddy hel" are some favourites

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  1. Love this post Cate. What a great family you have. And I chuckled about your youngest's new phrase 'Buddy Hel'. Have a fabulous week. xxx

  2. Oh the kids are just adorable ( sorry can't say the same for adults - lol). I love a cheeky grin.

  3. Love this family style update - great idea!

  4. Gorgeous family! I never take enough photos and when I do they're always dodgy. I was given a selfie stick for the first time yesterday. I should probably start using it. Scary (and exciting) to be making 2016 plans!

  5. How do you get Sophie to stand still for photos? There's no way I can do posed photos here. Love the family photo lol.

  6. What an awesome roundup of what's happening in your lives right now. Good on you too for already thinking of 2016!

  7. Love this update, and how different each of your kids are.

  8. That family photo is so FUN! Sounds like life is happening at your place as they all continue to grow so quickly!

  9. At least you are family photoing! Something we need to do more of. Loved reading about everyone :)


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