Monday 1 February 2016

Hello Monday

hello stupid-hot weather I don't like the heat in Queensland. Even after 20+ years, I struggle every summer with the humidity (growing up in Melbourne, the heat is dry, much nicer for breathing), so when the forecast is for 38°C, I cringe inside, and move my chair closer to the aircon.

hello February 2016 is 1/12 done. February is for stupid-hot weather, thunderstorms, visits to the beach, and family, long days and sleep ins.

hello roadtrip About five years ago, we thought about packing everyone up and moving to Tasmania. We had been there for our honeymoon, and loved it so much. But we never did, because my heart wouldn't let me be so far from Chloe. Now she's moving to Tasmania later this month to go to university, and I'm taking the kids to say goodbye to her.

hello sewing machine About 5 months ago, I did a trip to Spotlight for the craft blog. I spent the weeks afterwards drafting patterns to make dresses for the girls. But nothing has ever been cut out. I need to sit down and sew, before the girls grow out of the dresses.

hello, blogging every day Sometimes, the silliest ideas are the ones you stick to the best. Toni and I were chatting last week about using our #blogyeah planners (which neither of us has written in yet), and I joked that I might blog every day in February to remind myself how to write. So I'm doing it. (and I might even tell you why I failed at #write31days last October)

hello, Monday, a new start every week.

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  1. Good luck with your challenge.

  2. I did the A-Z challenge a few years ago where I blogged everyday and whilst it was fun it certainly was a challenge and not one I would be repeating in a hurry! I am just aiming for once a week at this point! The humidity has been a bit crazy lately hasn't it!

  3. The weather in Melbourne has been crazy over the past couple of weeks too. But I love this warm weather.. Never end please

  4. A huge storm literally just circled around my house. I wish it had hit so the temperature would drop. It's insanely hot.

  5. Wow, good luck for blogging every day! That's full on. I totally agree about the humidity. I'm not sure why but this year it seems so much worse, it's times like these I wish I lived in Tasmania....also one of my favourite places!

  6. LOL I've lived here all my life and it doesn't make living with the humidity any easier! I'm sweating under my eyes - weird!

  7. I struggle with the humidity too. I hate it when you have a shower and 5 minutes later are covered in sweat again.

  8. You can do it 😀 I don't have the time to sew as much so you need to sew for me 😀

  9. I need to print out my Blog Yeah planner. I have done some of the planning stuff but I need to get it on paper so I can make it my own. Good luck with the daily blogging too!

  10. Oh Tasmania does that to you doesn't it. We loved it too.

    Good luck with blogging all of February. I don't know if I could do it everyday! Maybe I need the challenge.

    Don't get me started on the weather!

  11. I have left my sewing machine out with the hope that I will be motivated enough to finish some projects. So far it hasn't worked.
    I am over the humidity up here in FNQ, I swear it saps energy, motivation and creativity. I also don't like our airconditioning power bill but not enough to go without. Over winter we forget how yucky and sticky it gets. I grew up in SE QLD and that was a much drier heat than this, other than when it was going to storm.
    Tassie, oh I want to go there one day!
    Good luck with you daily blogging. I'm not sure I could do that unless it was just posting a photo a day and I already do that over on instagram.


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