Friday 19 February 2016

White Chocolate Cranberry Muffins

I love flavour combinations that you wouldn't normally think of. I stumbled on blending white chocolate with cranberry about 18 months ago, when Sophie was starting to eat more foods. I grabbed some craisins (dried cranberries) out of the cupboard, and threw a few white chocolate drops into the bag as we were racing out the door for a play date. She ate the white chocolate first, but as I snagged some from under her nose, I was hooked. 

Turns out it wasn't an unknown combination to the world at large, but I guess because we don't grow cranberries in Australia, it wasn't a very common one at the time. I've often converted my chocolate chip cookie recipe to a white chocolate cranberry cookie, but now that we're making lots of muffins for lunch box snacks, I set out to find a muffin version. And can I just say "YUM!" The whole batch of these are gone. Except for one fussy girl child who said "I don't like them cold", everyone has loved these muffins. They've now been added to the regular muffin-recipe-rotation.

60g butter, softened
1/2 cup caster sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 cup milk
1 egg
1tsp vanilla extract
2 cups self raising flour
1 cup craisins (or cranberries if you can get them)
1 cup white chocolate bits

* cream butter and sugars together
* add egg, milk and vanilla, mix well
* add flour, cranberries and chocolate, stir gently until just mixed
* spoon into muffin pans
* bake 180°C 20 min, or golden brown

Don't burn yourself when you eat them fresh from the oven!

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  1. These sound pretty tasty but have SO much sugar in them for a small child. Craisins are sugar coated cranberries and have 26g of sugar per 1/3 cup. An adult woman should have no more than 24g in a whole day. And then the muffins have an additional 1c. sugar and white chocolate. They sound like a great dessert though.

    1. Hey, thanks for your comment! In Australia, craisins aren't coated in sugar, they're a dried fruit, similar to raisins or sultanas (in fact, in my house I use them as a substitute for sultanas) Thanks for the information about sugar content, but the reality is that you don't live in my house and have no idea what other foods we do or don't eat, so you leaving this comment is pretty judgemental.

  2. Nope, it was actually no criticism on your household and how you live at all. It was a criticism of the muffins and how much sugar they contain. I think you'll find from the Craisins Australia website that they contain 72.5g of sugar per 100 grams, so whether that is added or not, it's crazy high. I am aware they are dried cranberries, by the way. Did you know that a lot of dried fruit has added sugar? Incidentally, having a blog is actually putting yourself out there for various responses whether or not you agree with what other people say, so unfortunately, whether you agree with comments or not, it kind of comes with the territory. The other thing that is good to note is that other people's opinions are just that and not "judgements" and don't need to be taken as personal criticism on how you run your household.


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