Monday 22 February 2016

Hello Monday

hello sick teenager Douglas was at a scouts camp over the weekend. He's come home sunburnt and dehydrated. Hopefully, he's better by tomorrow, but for today, he's sleeping it off (and drinking copious amounts of water, which he's hating)

hello school book filing As you can imagine, at the end of each year, we get a huge pile of books home from school. And each year, they get shoved into a plastic bag and stuck in a corner to "be sorted later", but later has never come. I've had an idea for a sorting system for awhile now, but I really need to implement the book-sorting portion ASAP, because we are drowning in books!

hello craft room cleaning It turns out that cleaning is a never-ending process that you have to keep doing! I've been feeling really uncreative lately, so I'm going to try tackling the craft room sorting, and see what goodies I uncover.

hello almost-birthday In 3 weeks, I'll be 42. It's about this time each year I get introspective, and ponder the year ahead, and the year past. And I tell my family what they should buy me. Look out for that post later this week.

hello park visit Except for trips to the supermarket and the school run, I haven't left the house for weeks. Plans have fallen through, weather has been too hot or raining. But this week, I'm leaving the house for a park visit. I haven't decided yet if I'm taking any children, I might just make it a date with me.

hello Monday, a new start every week

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  1. I'm suppose to be settled and back to business this week following the house move but I'm really craving some decent time off.

  2. We had a camper last week. Came back shattered but happy.

  3. How much does this weather suck? I too haven't been 'out' as much as I should at it drives me bloody nuts!

  4. I'm supposed to be de-cluttering big time this week. I truly find it really hard. I swear I need someone to hold my hand to tell me what to keep what to give away, what to sell ... and then there is all the filing that has been waiting 'forever'. The hot weather doesn't help ...

  5. A date with yourself sounds awesome. If you are anything like me you'll get part way through the crafty clean up and get sidetracked ... tada, creativity.

  6. Hope Douglas feels better...and that you get some outdoors 'me' time xx

  7. Even hotter this week - buckle up! Pretty irresponsible of the Scout leader not to make sure everyone was wearing sunscreen and drinking enough water.

  8. I'd be making it a me date to the park. I would have thought the scout leader would have been on top of the sunscreen and water situation.

  9. My system for sorting school books is called the bin. Yes I'm a terrible mother! Enjoy your visit to the park - soak up some quiet time x


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