Tuesday 1 March 2016

Us Right Now

Each month I take a family photo, and individual photos of each family member, and share snippets of our right now.
We haven't spent much time together this past month, with Steve working big hours, so we need to find some time this month to just spend together without life pressure. We might try a games night next week, or a BBQ in the backyard with lots of food.

He is grateful he has the skills to repair the car

but annoyed that he can't do it tomorrow

He has enjoyed the challenges of working lots in February

but is looking forward to his normal routine again

She is desperate for a haircut

{you can tell it's time by the tufty bits of hair sticking out the sides}

She's still hopeless at sticking to goals

but managed to sew something last week

She has made friends already

but got sick just a few days after she arrived

She is loving her classes

but has lots of homework each night

He has been better about using his school diary this term

but still "doesn't have homework" most nights

He is excited to visit his brothers at Easter time

{but needs to pull his head in if he actually wants to go}

She wants a watch for her birthday

{lucky for her I know exactly where to shop}

She is loving school

but desperately does not want to do netball for winter sports

He loves mum coming to school for sight word practise

but gets distracted easily while mum is there

He was so excited to finally be big enough for scouts

but didn't enjoy his visit, and decided not to return

She spends most days getting around without a nappy

but hasn't totally mastered toilet training

She strings together 4 word sentences now

{but can still sometimes be difficult to understand, which frustrates her}

When was the last time you took a family photo?

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  1. I always love these posts, Cate. And SO fun to see Chloe in the mix this month! <3

  2. Such a great idea to capture a point in time like this Cate. It reminds me that i really need to take more photos of us all together as a family - we're not very good at that!

  3. I always enjoy these posts...and how great to see Chloe included too! Xx

  4. This is such s cool
    Idea.. And a great way to keep memories #teamIBOT

  5. Love this idea. It will be so nice in a few years to look back on everyone.

  6. This is such a cute snap shot of your gorgeous family. And a reminder to get onto the toilet training. Eek!


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