Monday 7 March 2016

Dear Natalie, today you are nine

Dear Natalie

today, you are nine.

Your big cheeky smile morphs into tears or yelling at the drop of a hat these days, as hormones start to turn you into a tweenager. Good lord, how will survive two of you?

You are such a great little helper, to Sophie and Riley, and play well with both of them. You have your moments with Douglas, because he's older, sometimes you play well, sometimes you don't.

Dad is still your hero, as he should be. You always worry about him coming home from work late, and tell him what's happening in Home and Away the second he walks through the door.

Your best friend is still Kaete, even though you're in different classrooms again. And you can't wait to try out her new swimming pool next weekend.

You and I looked for the International Space Station last weekend as it crossed over our skies. You were fascinated at the idea of stars having names, and you're counting down to tomorrow night when we can try looking for Jupiter. I think you've got a new interest.

You love craft, and reading books, and playing minecraft, and watching youtube videos of no-idea-what.

You love riding your bike, and camping, and walking along the beach (and you've been known to sing "The Pina Colada Song" with Riley in random moments.)

You have grown so much in the last year, with so much learning and growth in front of you.

Enjoy nine.

Happy birthday, Natalie.

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