Monday 7 March 2016

Hello Monday

hello present shopping It's Natalie's birthday today, and my birthday next Monday, so today is present shopping day. Nat even supplied us with a list.

hello cake baking Going hand in hand with birthdays and presents is birthday cake! Of course, Nat left it until 7pm last night to ask me if I could make cakes for her class. Super-mum said maybe, but we all know I'm going to pull something out, and be waiting outside her classroom at 2.15pm with cupcakes!

hello book club I've been meeting with my real-life-bookclub for coming up to 14 years now. This month, we're reading Useful by Debra Oswald.

hello letter writing With Chloe in Tasmania, it gives us a great excuse to practise regular letter writing. The kids sat down late last week and wrote to her, and I need to finish my letter off today, and print a photo out, and then a parcel will be winging it's way across the seas (because if you're going to send something to Tasmania, it better be worth it!)

hello writing time This week, I'm hoping to get stuck in and spend a good chunk of time on daycare days actually doing stuff, including writing blog posts. I had a nice routine started, then Sophie got sick, and Steve had weekdays off, and it all went out the window. (I always let myself get distracted when Steve is home.)

hello Monday, a new start every week

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  1. Busy and fun - they're the best days.

  2. Yes, I agree that it's easy to get distracted when your husband is at home, darn it! Good luck with the writing time this week :-)

  3. I love when I get time chunked together for writing.. Makes me feel inspired

  4. That sounds like a lot of fun and variety there Cate!

  5. Is that Natalie in the photo or Sophie?

  6. It sounds like you've had a busy day!

  7. I love letter writing - it really is a bit of a lost art these days. BTW happy birthday for next week :)

  8. Wow, 14 years. I haven't read much lately at all. One of these days I'll get back into it.
    Postage is so expensive now, it better be worth it!
    You would have been super mum bringing in cakes for Nat to share :)

  9. I love when my niece and nephews give me birthday/christmas wish lists as it saves many head scratching hours in the shops!! lol... I have always wanted to join a book club but am not a very fast reader and not sure I could keep up! lol

  10. Sounds like this is a happy and cake filled time of year for you. I need to do some more reading. I miss buring myself in a good book.


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