Monday 9 May 2016

Hello Monday

Today's prompt hello Monday Tell us five things you're looking forward to this week.
hello pillow as much as our unexpected getaway was relaxing, absolutely nothing in the world beats getting home to your own pillow.

hello week in the life™ I mentioned last week that I was going to be taking photos this week as part of the Week in the Life™ project hosted by Ali Edwards. I am still first and foremost a memory keeper at heart. And as much as blogging has taken over a little bit of the physical work of scrapbooks, every now and again I stumble over a photo album that I started filling in 2010, and I'm reminded that an album to flick through is an amazing thing. The key to the whole project will be actually printing and putting them in an album (as I sit at my desk, I can see from the corner of my eye a packet of photos that I printed out in 2011. After skimming the posts earlier today, I'm going to slip the photos in an album before the end of the month and call it done.)

hello birthday Chloe is 18 this week, Thursday to be exact. I've spent a bit of time reflecting on that over the last few weeks, and remembering this time 18 years ago.

hello cool nights as the nights start to cool down, hopefully that means the days will be not far behind.

hello backyard cleanup Steve has taken some time off later this week, and with his regular days off, he's got the next 12 days at home. The current plan is to spend some time in the backyard, tidying up; a project that we started almost 8 months ago, but is still on-going.

hello, Monday, a new start every week.

Tomorrow's prompt what's in your handbag? Do you carry all the dinosaurs from the toybox, or spare socks? What weird things are buried in the bottom of your handbag?

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  1. Last week was so busy that I am looking forward to doing less this week. I had my birthday last week, my sister in laws birthday, my daughters 16th birthday, mothers day and a big 16th birthday bash. Rest baby rest

  2. Good luck with the big backyard clean up. I have to do the same but I can't see it happening anytime soon...

  3. Don't you just love ongoing projects, that go on and on. I love flicking through the old albums at Mum's place. we really should fill more, more often.

  4. After the camping trip it was heaven to come back to my own bed. Sounds like there is lots of productivity going on at your place this week. Something I wish I was better at achieving!

  5. Lots of packing for us at the moment - Moving in two weeks!
    I always love coming back to my own bed after travelling - one of the best feelings.


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