Tuesday 10 May 2016

What's in your handbag?

Today's prompt what's in your handbag? Do you carry all the dinosaurs from the toybox, or spare socks? What weird things are buried in the bottom of your handbag?
Once upon a time, I used to horde handbags. I'd change bags every single day, depending on what I felt like, and they rarely if ever matched my outfit. These days, the idea of hundreds of handbags makes me cringe. It would be just one more thing taking up space in the house/our room, never put away and people constantly tripping over them.
I do have two bags, though. The first, a handmade carry-everywhere type bag rarely has much in it. Is tarted using it when I was juggling a newborn and toddler just after Sophie was born, and needed something I could grab quickly that was just big enough for wallet, water, keys and a nappy if needed. This week, I'm also carrying my big camera.
My second bag is the Jo Totes Gracie camera bag {first image}. I've had it for just over a year now, and love it to bits. I don't use it every day (in fact, some weeks could pass before I actually pick it up), but it is the perfect size for camera, wallet, water, and the few bits I need to carry for Sophie. I was actually quite surprised at some of the stuff that I found buried in the pockets! 

Starting across the top, there is - 
hair from Sophie's first haircut, a reusable shopping bag, water, mini camera from last year's ProBlogger conference, Nat's tooth that came out last week, car keys, lip balm and pens

Along the bottom -
a handmade pen Steve bought me at the local show last year, a clip that holds the hood on Sophie's pram, hand sanitiser, Sophie's sunglasses, and mine, business cards I collected at ProBlogger, lens cap from camera, peaches and cream lolly I took off Sophie over the weekend, Simpsons Monopoly game piece, sunny sister bracelet from swap, a marble, another board game piece, phone, wallet, Sophie's socks, and a swap card from Woolies.

I have actually put it all back in the bag, so I don't lose it. One day I'll find proper homes for things like teeth and hair, but meanwhile it's safe where it is.

What's inside your bag?

Tomorrow's prompt day in the life Share 5 photos from one day of your week. If you joined in last year, has anything changed, or is everything the same?

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  1. Your bag is very tidy compared to mine. Inside mine I have a million pieces of paper and receipts. Hair bands, big girl and little girl undies, mints, coins and Dora rings. It's a disaster zone. #teamIBOT

  2. I always find 5000 receipts and half eaten bits of food in the bottom of the nappy bag :(

  3. Love the camera bag. Lots of pockets/zippy parts to put things. Gorgeous colour too. But no tissues???
    My bag would be almost empty if it wasn't for the tissues and old grocery receipts.

  4. Often a scary amount of tissues in mine haha.

  5. I love the free publicity for my business card there Cate!!! I did a prompt on my handbag last year for #imustconfess which gave me a good excuse to clean it out. Pity I had to drag heaps out of my handbag today because it was getting too full of crap again! Thanks for the timely reminder x

  6. I currently have a pair of boys jocks and unopened box of toothpaste in my bag. It's in need of a clean out!


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