Monday 22 August 2016

Dear blog, today you are 9

Who would have thought all those years ago that I would still be here, tapping away at the keyboard, pouring my stories out?! Given my track history of not finishing things, I certainly didn't!

Over the last 9 years, I've written 1554 published posts (and 45 remain in draft for one day) 5281 people have left comments, and so many friendships have been made around the world.

I've used 6 different cameras, had 2 desktop computers, and sometimes blogged from the iPad or laptop. I've had 3 different craft spaces, 2 sewing machines, and been on 3 craft retreats. 

I've had 2 babies, driven 4 different cars, and had 1 car crash. Steve has had 4 different jobs, driven thousands of kilometres, and still makes me laugh.

I've been to Melbourne three times, been a bridesmaid once, and learned to love camping.

I've learned to code, been on Facebook almost as long as I've been blogging, and embraced Pinterest like it's google. 

I've started a business that failed, failed to start several ideas, and decided that keeping to myself is better than losing friendships.

I've defined my creativity, and explored creative practise, and cried more times than I ever thought possible.

I've taken over 80,000 photos, and shared over 2000 of them on instagram.

I've shared my heart and soul, and sometimes sold myself for not enough.

And I keep coming back, and showing up, and growing every single day.

Happy Birthday, blog.



  1. Wow that is a long time to be blogging. Congrats on making it to 9 years!

  2. 9 Years is quite an achievement! Well done. PS I found you via the Open Slather linky party

  3. Happy blog birthday! That's an awesome achievement. Hope you have cake to celebrate!

  4. Congratulations! That is a great length of time blogging! Happy birthday blog!

  5. Happy birthday to your blog. I love the way you have written this. You are awesome, congratulations on your milestone x

  6. One of the best bits about your blog is that you tell it how it is, good and bad alike. There's always something interesting to read and even if I don't always have time to comment, I can assure you that I've visited and read!
    Here's to the next 9 years ...

  7. Nine years. Wow. I've been doing digital scrapbooking for that long at least but never could manage to keep a blog going for more than a few months. Part of it is because I have too many emails that distract me, part of it is because I have a poor record of completing things. Congratulations on your 9th Blog anniversary, may you make it to 20.

  8. Bravo! You certainly have seen a lot while blogging over 9 years. Happy Blog Birthday!

  9. Happy nine years of blogging! When I look back on it, I probably started blogging around then ... have been through about 3 or 4 incarnations in that time however!

  10. Wow, what a great achievement! Congrats!!

  11. Happy bloggy birthday Cate! I hope there are many more years left in the tank x

  12. I am amazed! I did not even know what a blog was until 2010! Wow. Big congrats Cate. You are a true pioneer woman!

  13. Many congratulations your 9th - you have some serious numbers in here :). I've always admired your honesty and openness and hope you'll be in my reader for a long time to come.


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