Thursday 1 September 2016

Us in September

We are waiting for our camper to return, so we can plan our next camping trip

We are enjoying time spent in the backyard

We are learning new card games

We are family

He is flipping back to day shift this week

{if he still has a job to go to on Wednesday}

He is excited by new opportunities

{and is kind of hoping he doesn't have a job on Wednesday}

She is starting to plan Christmas

{only 111 days to go}

She is dreaming about scrapbooking

{if only the craft room was magically tidy enough to use}

He is getting his homework done in a timely manner

{the reward of a fish tank is a powerful one}

He is already fed up with the dishwasher not working

{I don't blame him, I hate washing dishes, too}

She is finding new friends to play with at school

{but sad that her best friend is always busy}

She is loving reading books

{but terrible about keeping them away from Daisy}

He is allowed to read chapter books at school now

{and was excited to choose a book to buy at the book fair}

He is hopeless at keeping his bedroom clean

{but Natalie is just as bad}

She is a chatterbox

{full of "why"}

She loves to take Daisy to the dog park

{as long as she gets a quick swing and play on the slide before heading home}

This is us, right now in September.

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  1. I always enjoy these posts and the peek into your family life right now! Yikes - Christmas really isn't that far away, is it?! I'm moving into my new craft room this month, so it will be all neat & organized. :)


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