Monday 3 October 2016

Hello Monday

hello 83 sleeps To Christmas, that is!

hello term 4 School holidays weren't that bad (although the bickering and hitting never stopped), but I'll be glad to see them all back into their routines

hello no more naps Sophie is trying to give up her day sleeps. She has no sleep for a couple of days, then a 3 hour nap, then no sleep, then naps at daycare. She'll either figure out she wants sleeps, or give them up completely by the end of the year.

hello baking I've become slightly obsessed with gingerbread apple pies from Coles supermarkets (and so has Steve), so my task this week is try to replicate them at home.

hello craft room sorting This seems to be a never-ending task! I recently purchased some more Kallax storage cubes from IKEA, but forgot to buy the inserts for them, so have struggled to find homes for everything. In the turmoil of sorting, the room has become a dumping zone again, and Daisy has discovered she can open the door when we're not home, and has mauled a few plastic bags of sequins! It's a disaster zone that I keep closing the door on, but I need to at least tackle the floor space this week.

hello Monday, a new start every week.

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